Baked BBQ Chicken

First off I'm going to clarify something.  BBQ Chicken and baked for some people would mean it's not BBQ.  What to do for the people who do not own a bbq pit, grill, or smoker?  Those people that live in an apartment, and one that does not have a common grill/bbq area.  Also, I have my reasons for not liking the common use of a bbq grill in an apartment, but we'll get to that story after the recipe.  I think it is important for all people to have the opportunity to enjoy bbq.  There shouldn't be a requirement to visit your local bbq restaurant and spend a ton of money.  It is possible to get a great bbq flavored meal when cooking indoors.  For the recipe I used bone-in chicken thighs, but you can use boneless chicken breast or thighs.

The Ingredients:

2 lbs. - Bone-in Chicken Thighs

3 oz. - Peacemaker Trading Co. BBQ Rub (this is what I used, but you can use any of our other rubs as well)

1 shallow baking dish

8 oz. - Queen Anne's Revenge BBQ Sauce (or any of our other flavors available now on the website)

The Recipe:

Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees.

Remove all skin from the chicken thighs and season liberally on all sides of the chicken.

Bake for approximately 1 hour. Don't forget to check your temperature.  The chicken should be at least 165 degrees before considering removing from the oven. 

I know the first reaction for most people is to remove from the heat and serve right away and eat as fast as you possibly can stand.  For me I still allow the meat to rest.  Not as long as a steak, and certainly not like a pork shoulder, or brisket.  It's okay to give it around 5 to 10 minutes.  Set the table for your family!! Have a beer or cocktail and enjoy the sight of your creation for goodness sakes!  I also while allowing the chicken to cool to an edible temperature will brush over some sauce, and reserve the remaining for dipping during the meal. 

It really is as easy as that.

Now for my problem with shared grills at an apartment.  When I was stationed in Tucson, AZ while on Active Duty with the US Air Force I had the pleasure of cleaning the grill, preheating and going inside and having a tasty beverage while preparing my food to throw on the grill that particular evening.  I really didn't take that long prepping the food.  It must have been 10 minutes, but I had spent half an hour cleaning that disaster area of a grill before cooking my food.  Off I go to the grill only to find a group of locals already helping themselves to the grill.  I figured well, this is only going to take 20 minutes or so.  They're cooking steaks how long could it take.  Well, let's just say all night.  I think they were flying people in to Tucson, busing them over to my apartment complex and using the grill I spent all that time cleaning.  I was pretty ticked off to say the least....okay my wife sat inside watching me about to have a stroke I was so angry.  Not because I wasn't willing to share, after all it is a common area, but I couldn't use the grill at all.  This became a turning point in my cooking.  I had to learn to cook inside for one, and second the first purchase I would make after moving into a rental house (okay it was base housing) was to purchase a grill.




2017 had to be the most challenging year of my life.  I am a firm believer all things in life happen for a reason.  We are faced with the challenges today to prepare us for the battles we will fight tomorrow.  In business I found myself questioning everything about what we were doing.  Thanks to some important people in my life I was able to climb out of some scary situations.  Often times we are told we cannot do things.  We are told it isn't possible for us to achieve a goal.  Those things are left for others to achieve but are not meant for us.  Sadly, most often these words come from our closest people in life.  A family member, a so called friend who says they will be there no matter what. 

Luckily, I have a wife that when she said her vows, she promised to see it through with me in sickness or in health.  She promised to be there whether we are wealthy or poor (and trust we have seen poor!) I have family members that have been there to not simply cheer me on, but have been there to pick me up off the floor and say stand up and keep moving forward (thanks Frank and Rowena).  I have a friend that took the time to come and work for me when he was given leave from his military TDY because he was only an 8 hour drive away and he believes in my company (this will not be forgotten Juan Gonzales).  I have another friend who has been around some very famous people.  Has friendships with people with money, and power.  Yet this friend said to me, "I see a diamond in the rough with you and your business." Joe Kerry, thanks for being there when I needed an ear to listen to my non-sense because my wife couldn't take it any longer! 

I almost did not make it through 2017, and 2018 has started with us resolving a few final issues from the previous year.  This is necessary as very soon we will begin to realize our greatness as a company.

2018 I promise will show our best.  I presented some new items to a company today, and had a friend help me with a catering for the same company. He took the time to sample the items presented and looked in amazement as he could not believe how much better our product has become. Thanks John and Sharon for showing up to help out during a stressful time with such short notice.

Planning has started for some phenomenal growth.  Stay tuned for opportunities.  Opportunities for veterans, and those who need work.  If you are interested keep your eyes on our website, follow us on social media as announcements will be made in the coming weeks.



Holiday Food

I want to make a quick mention of how important it is to wash your hands prior to preparing your foods for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  I am currently in the process of getting foods ready for a catering job, and I must have washed my hands...I don't know...100 times already.  More important than a recipe.  Wash your hands.  This single thing could prevent you or someone else from getting sick.  

Okay, now for a recipe.

Smoked turkey, down and dirty.

Preheat your smoker to 325 degrees.  Season your turkey with Big Daddy Hill's Citrus Grill Seasoning on all sides, and inside the cavity of the bird.  Place the turkey on the smoker and cook until you have an internal temperature of 165 degrees for the breast, and I prefer 170 degrees for the thigh.

Remove from the smoker and rest for 15 minutes before carving.  Serve with Big Daddy Hill's Cranberry BBQ on the side.  If you failed to get a bottle of this, don't worry it will return in November 1, 2018.  We are sold out for the 2017 year.



Tri-Tip with project M.O.A.B. sauce

This has to be one of the easiest recipes for cooking a tri-tip.  All you need is a 1.5-2.5 lbs. tri-tip roast, salt and pepper, and project M.O.A.B. sauce.  

Pre-heat your smoker to 425 degress.  Season the meat liberally with salt and pepper on all sides, and place on the smoker for approximately 15 minutes per pound.  Pull the roast from the smoker and sauce with project M.O.A.B.  Allow to rest for 15 minutes and then slice against the grain and serve.  

Remember project M.O.A.B. was made with the intention for $1 per unit sold to be donated to D.A.V. (disabled American Veterans) organization.  Enjoy!



Crappy weather again in Utah

It's late, and I won't spent much time, but I might as well complain on my first blog.  How about the weather in Utah.  The inversion is terrible here in the Salt Lake Valley, heavy fog today, and overall I just felt like doing nothing.  Maybe tomorrow will be better, but I'm not holding my breath...then again...maybe I should hold my breath due to how terrible the air quality gets here in Utah!  Have a great evening folks, and check back later for more rants, complaints, reviews on some of my bbq faves, etc.