We are family owned and our company’s beginnings are ones founded in some of my favorite childhood memories enjoying good food with family and friends. No matter what was being cooked, or who you were cooking with, there was always a secret technique, ingredient, or sauce. The result of these experiences was creating a unique and secret sauce of my own.


Inspired by growing up in North Carolina and living in Arizona, we believe in using only the boldest, freshest gourmet ingredients in our sauces and rubs. The result is a memorable mouth watering experience that will keep you coming back for more.

Something For Everyone

One of the best qualities of Big Daddy Hill’s BBQ sauces is how versatile they are. While each flavor has its own specific flavor profile, they are all terrific and sure to please any palate. Our sauces are often paired with chicken, pork, beef, seafood, and even vegetables. The variety of flavors will give your BBQ the competition champion flavor you have always desired.

I grew up in North Carolina. One of the most valuable lessons I learned as a kid was at my Grandma and Papa’s house. If you make great BBQ you will have friends for a lifetime. After traveling all across the USA I have settled in West Jordan, Utah and have continued to rely upon my BBQ creations to make many friends and keep them all smiling.